By the end of Batman v Superman, there will be some kinda Justice League, hence “Dawn of Justice.” In theory, Superman will try to get through to Lex Luthor while having to deal with Batman telling him “get off my planet.” As they duke it out, Bruce is the only one not holding back (otherwise, he’d be pulverized), but the two realize Luthor is a bigger threat than each other, and manage to cobble together a response with Wonder Woman and perhaps Aquaman and Cyborg to stop Metallo, who’s beefed up with adamantium-like armor and kryptonite. And there you go; the formation of the Justice League.

Wonder Woman, by Peter.

Many people give Megan Fox a bad rap because of her involvement in Michael Bay’s Franchises(Transformers & TMNT). She had the definition of having a wallpaper role(Be seen and not heard).

I think that was mainly just bad writing though, because even though people call for better female roles whenever summertime rolls around. We come in droves to check the next explosion fiesta, which is pretty entertaining I must admit.

I think if done properly though Megan Fox could be an awesome Wonder Woman.